Or Tor Kor Market


Or Tor Kor Website (No official website found) so I linked to “travelling-foodies.com” because they have the best photo tour of the market.


Or Tor Kor (Awe Tor Gaw to you, farang), is another favorite place to eat. Grab yourself a table and start ordering from the different stalls – satay, curries, desserts, soups – every Thai (a few Chinese and Vietnamese too) dish you can imagine is here.

One thing that strikes me when I eat there is how few farang I see; usually a sign of a good restaurant is how crowded with locals is it… the restaurants at Or Tor Kor are not crowded because there’s a lot of space; they are all busy.

Before lunch is a good time to hit the food stalls – everything is cooked and ready by then; but it is just before the mad rush of lunchtime so easier to order and get a seat.

  • Food

    Amazing variety, fresh and great quality.

  • Atmosphere

    It’s a bustling market busy from when it opens to when it closes; people are friendly and love that you’re there to eat their food.

  • Location

    It is one of my favorite parts of Bangkok. Near to the railway park, Chatuchak market a stone’s throw away, and a whole bunch of interesting shops and restaurants in the area.

  • Price

    Another nickname for Or Tor Kor market is, “Rich people’s market.” As far as fresh markets go, it is expensive – but it is unparalleled for variety and quality.

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