Top Ten Crime Movies


Crime movies would have to be my favorite movie genre; from early film noir, of which I have none listed here mainly because my favorites are all PI’s and this is about crime. So here’s my list of my current all time favorite crime movies (just making the list made me watch them all again).

The Godfather I, II, III.

One of those cases where the movie did the book justice. My favorites are I and II, especially II. The story in I is raw, visceral, but the story (plot) and  tension in II win the day (for me).

Carlito’s Way

Great twists and characterization; there’s no escape. I’d say Sean Penn is underrated as an actor – his acting in this is near perfect.

Brother (Japanese)

After countless (well I guess you can count them) gangster and cop movies, Takeshi Kitano, wrote, directed, and starred in this movie.

Suspend belief and watch how he upends cliches and twists the merry heck out of the plot.



There’s only two parts of this movie I don’t like. The first is when Pacino’s wife goes on a rant – it just doesn’t ring true, either bad acting or bad script my suspicion is a little bit of both. And the second part is that Al Pacino survives – I would have preferred the De Niro getting away

Miller’s Crossing

The Coen brothers have written and directed a lot of great movies, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, No Country For Old Men, but this one is my favorite.

The Usual Suspects

Twists and turns – don’t miss the clues along the way – although to be fair, unless you’ve been told you will not guess the ending.

Reservoir Dogs

The dialog, the music, and the acting are all superb – this is a classic and deservedly so – although it does amp up the drama (especially the ear cutting scene – Stuck In The Middle With You will take on new meaning after you watch this movie), it does it without getting into fantasy. A very real movie – the scene in the diner my favorite in the movie.


The part in the movie before Ray Liotta’s character gets arrested is something that pops into my head whenever I have a busy day… gotta make the pasta sauce, deliver a bunch of drugs, get rid of some guns, and there’s a fucking helicopter following me around… just great.

There are few movies (Reservoir Dogs is obviously one) that depict the falling out and paranoia of gangsters better than this.

Pulp Fiction

Yes, the second one from Tarantino (I could have added more, as most of his movies appeal to me), and exactly as the title implies – it is “pulp”, but it is amazingly cool pulp.

Layer Cake

Multiple plot lines but all linked (something I borrow for my stories) make this a movie to watch twice or more – I wasn’t expecting this to be so great when I picked it up (and later bought the book). The sequel disappoints (at least the book does – the movie might be okay – but the sequel tries too hard to be “cockney” and bizarre). Still the original is a rare jewel, good dialog, great plot and loads of great action.

What about you?

What are your favorite crime movies? I’ll do another post on my favorite cop movies – but I’d love to hear about your favorites (hopefully there will be some I haven’t seen). Stick them in the comments below.

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