The Fog Clears On Bangkok Heat

Warning!!! Spoilers ahead - DO NOT READ if you have not yet read my books.

Every time I have written a book I have had the same issue - and that is a period of searching accompanied by fairly intense doubt. This is due to how I write - which is:

  • Imagine a world - the environment in which the story will take place, and;
  • Imagine a scene - just a start, and go from there.

I don't find it hard to do the above - if that was all that was required to write a novel, I could have written thousands of books by now. But of course, a book needs a plot, characters, and events.

The seeking and the self-doubt, or just outright plain doubt, go hand-in-hand until one wins. And yes "Doubt" has won, more than once. In the dusty recesses of my notebook's memory are buried thousands of words (some of them really good), that most likely will never see the light of day.

The searching is to find the "crux" of the story, the twist that makes sense, is logical, but one that no one will guess even using logic (especially so, perhaps).

With 'Tag' it was finding out how to avoid killing off two-thirds of the world's population. In 'Burn' it was the betrayal of Cheep, and in 'Wet' it was the revelations relating to Pim's father.

With 'Heat' the crux has proved as elusive as finding an honest man in a stockbroker's club. this has not hindered writing, but it means writing without a goal - a journey without a destination.

This week the revelation came to me - out of the blue, as they always do. I wish I could figure out how to manufacture them - so far all I know is that it takes an indeterminate amount of time and an inordinate amount of time spent in your mind traveling dead-end roads and paths that beguilingly lead you on until you arrive back where you started.

Many authors I know are able to outline a story; I am not (I would love to be able to that but find that if I do it kills the will to write it once outlined - and so I live in terror of doing it with any project I have invested in for fear of losing it all).

Onwards. #amwriting

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  1. Thanks for the update Simon. You are not alone …. I went to a talk by Jasper Fforde in Sydney the other night and he talked about the “narrative dare” which gave him the world he could then work within. Remember grasshopper, as the Buddha said, “perseverance furthers”

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      Hi Hugh, Great to see you. “You are not alone” – THANK BUDDHA FOR THAT 🙂 – and thank Buddha for “perseverance furthers” (and spellcheckers). As you know, I write by the seat of my pants – no post its, no outline (except the one in my head), more, “where was I then and how did I feel, what was happening. And when the writing is stretched out over a long period of time (and I think, will have to check, that this is the longest it has taken me to write a story), part of it is simply going back and remembering what I’ve written. Sometimes I have to do that with what I wrote yesterday evening… or five minutes ago :).

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      Hi Martyn,
      You lucky old devil you, livin’ the (retired in tropical paradise 555) life of Riley (I’d like to know more about him – sounds quite an interesting guy – so if anyone can fill me in on who was Riley I’d really appreciate it). And yes, I can’t wait for you to start reading it on your Kindle either. 😉

  2. Glad to know that the Muse has struck and progress is continuing. Yours is one of the few series that I follow that is not urban fantasy or science fiction. Keep up the good work and we, your audience, await the tale you will tell….

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      Thanks and I am honored. Have you read, Tag? My novel set approximately a hundred years from now? Happy to send it to you if you haven’t – I’m supposed to be writing a sequel to that one as well – in fact there are almost 25k words of a sequel done but that book was my first and came in at I think 128K words. The choice was Bangkok Series or Zumar Chronicles … and for now present-day takes precedence, but not forever, I like writing about the future. Thanks for your patience and your kinds words.

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