Thailand 2 – The Real Solution

Thai Protest

There seems no way out of the impasse.

I have a solution; it’s a bit harsh but it would work if we were determined enough to create a beautiful future for our children.

It starts with negotiating with Papua New Guinea for buying a large area of their sovereign territory, and included within the property rights (and map) should be permission to build a theme park to be called Thailand 2. I’m talking a large area of land, preferably on the coast. It might be possible just lease the land on say a 36 year revolving lease.

We would pay for this in rice.

We would then negotiate with the Vietnamese to get all of our fishing boats back (now that they’re the world leaders in rice exports perhaps we could also pay for this in rice too as they seem to have a better ability to sell their rice than we do now); and rent all the fishing boats in Thailand (this would also give our marine stocks a chance to replenish); rice won’t be good enough for this (but perhaps subscriptions to True 5G could be given out?).

Then, and this is the tricky bit; we would round up EVERYONE who has been directly involved in politicssince 1997; yellow, red, blue, pink, multicolored, suits, uniforms, PM’s, MP’s, senators, speakers, protest leaders, protest agitators – the whole dammed lot. Put them on the boats and send them to Thailand 2.

We would provide them with:

1. Building materials

2. Agriculture materials

3. Tear gas (should be able to source rocks locally)

4. Material to make Flags

5. Enough food to be shared to last until the first harvest

The territory would be allocated (by vote among the Thailand 2 Theme Park Attendants) according to the area previously occupied “back home”. South, East, Central, West, North-east, North; and of course would have a special administrative area called Pattaya 2.

Then, using technology to involve everyone in the country, we could very easily hammer out an equitable set of rules by which we all wanted to live.

Focusing on things like;

1. How to solve the drought/flood cycle, (especially for the North-east).

2. How to provide good healthcare (most government hospitals are a death sentence)

3. Education which is woefully in need of a major overhaul

4. How to grow and improve our transport infrastructure (without corruption eroding quality or value), and ;

5. Seizing the amazing opportunity for Thailand’s current and future generations; instead of fighting with each other (and who is really doing the fighting….?) we should be realizing that potential for all of us.

Is the above an impossible dream….

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