Stuff to know about Bangkok 2019

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2 responses to “Stuff to know about Bangkok 2019”

  1. Thanks for the 2019 update! It’s amazing to me because I lived in Bangkok from 1967 – 1970 and there were no stores for shopping except for a lot of shoe stores. Pattaya was just a small village and the beaches were mostly empty which was great if a person wanted to relax privately.
    Re: your new book cover, it is PERFECT. As soon as I saw it I knew that I am already pulled into the story. Hope you complete Bangkok Heat soon because I am anxious to read it.

    Thank you for the Bangkok series!

    • Marva,
      Indeed it must have been a very different world all the way back then. Pattaya has changed a lot and not for the better; however it is always changing and you never know, maybe one day it won’t be the armpit of the world that it is now. Glad you liked the cover and I am working on Bangkok Heat – can’t say when it will be done… can say that it will be done.
      Thanks for being here,

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