Selling Advertising Space in my eBooks

Got an idea I want to run by you… Yeah you, reading this – do you see anyone else around here? Okay, ready? Good. There’s been a lot of talk going around about “free” being detrimental to authors and books in general by denigrating their value. I think the idea is, that by giving a book away you are saying it has no value. If I’m wrong on that feel free to correct me – the comment section is somewhere around here. I’m not convinced, because of what I call, “DCM” TM (Digital Critical Mass); and because I make more money now selling my books than I ever have. ‘Course I haven’t been selling books for very long – so what do I know. What I know, is that since being in KDP Select, through giving away free books; more people, download and pay for, or borrow my books – every month. That’s a fact.

Over the different times I’ve “gone free”, I’ve given away well over 30,000 books (that’s peanuts btw, compare to some). During that time my income from books (and the taxes that I am putting into the American economy – thanks very much) has increased month on month by thirty-percent, compound.

No doubt, most of those 30,000 people have not read my books yet, and a large percentage, perhaps never will. I’m fine with that. The reason I am fine with that? Those who have read my books. What is much, much more gratifying than the money, is the increase in email sent to me, and fans on the facebook page. That increase is even higher than the increase in income. It is this increase which is in alignment with my current goals as a writer, and that makes Select an option that I’m going to continue to use for the foreseeable future. All of my books are sold DRM free (stupid concept anyway) so that users can read them on multiple, and different devices. There are, to my knowledge, no paper versions of my books, and they are only available from Amazon – for now. As the copyright owner I can change that decision within any 90 day period. Should that or something else not to my liking change; then so will my alignment to the program.

In the meantime KDP Select is still serving my current goals as a writer. These are:

  • Have lots of readers
  • Make money by writing stories and selling them

I know, lofty goals, aren’t they?

However, and thanks for bearing with me through all that background preamble, here’s the thing I wanted to get your opinion on – you see Select’s T&C’s say nothing about advertising in the ebooks…. so how would you feel about that?
Because, I have to tell you, I feel fine about it.

Here’s what I’m thinking…

In Bangkok Burn, Chance uses a Maserati, Glocks, Bally shoes, Mercury Engines, and a whole host of other “Brand Name” items – so, for some clickable links (you don’t have to click on the link) and for some embedded images (you can always press ‘Click’ to the next page real fast); I could easily continue to write for “free” forever. So if any of you, know any advertising guys feel free to drop the dime and put them in know.

Indicative Pricing List (Per Annum rates)*

  • Maserati Quattroporte – (free advertising because they’re cool; but if you could spot me one for the upcoming trip I’d really appreciate that – thanks, yes, the Quattroporte I’ll be bringing the family.)
  • Glock USD500,000 (come on guys, you sell guns, 500k is a drop in bucket – links to your main gun sales page with (optional +250K per) link to Darknet pages as well.
  • Marlboro (I’m not sure what laws we’ll be breaking here so we need full indemnity and because this is so politically incorrect USD2,500,000)
  • Bally (USD100,000)
  • Panadol (USD350,000)
  • Aspirin (USD150,000)
  • Bangkok Post (THB3,000,000)
  • The Nation (THB5,000,000)
  • Virgin Galactic (USDXX – free trip barter deal – think about it, Richard.)
  • Big Tiger’s Restaurant (there is no Big Tiger’s restaurant, I made that up).

* For custom advertising placement please get in touch: simon @ simon-royle dot com; you know the drill….

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