Place your bets on the 50th review of Tag

Betting Rules

1. Gambling is illegal in Thailand; so we’re not gambling, we’re estimating (just in case anyone asks), notwithstanding the hereinafter mentioned clause 3 of herein rules.

2. If Amazon deletes more reviews, the above title stands, notwithstanding the heretofore mentioned clause 4 of herein rules.

3. Only reviews at Tag’s reviews on Amazon US count, because the 49 other reviews are there, notwithstanding the heretofore mentioned clause 2 of herein rules..

4. Transgressors of above rules get Pit #51, notwithstanding the heretofore mentioned clause 1 of herein rules.

The Bet

The next review of Tag will be a:

[gravityform id=1 name=Iplace my bet on a: title=false description=false ajax=true]

The Prize

The winners will get a signed Limited Edition, proof paperback, of Tag. These will be extremely rare artifacts, an instant collectible, which you can cash in on big time in about 99 years. Yep. So, think of your children or their children, because when you have that paper book with that date on the cover; and the imagining of the world at that time, by a then (probably) deceased author – yeah baby, BIG BUCKS.

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