Noir Crime Movie Review: Everybody Has A Plan 2012


Viggo does a nifty double act here, and neither character could be called heroic; just about everyone is a villain, and if not they're either cops or victims. The setting is river marshland, as much a character as the actors. The acting is solid throughout and the dialogue is great.

When the hive doesn't work,
they say you have to change the queen.

But what about us?

What are we supposed to change?

The Opening Lines of: Everybody Has A Plan

At first, it might appear that the movie is a slow burn and to some eyes, it might be; I was surprised at how quickly it moved along at a slow pace. And I think that was deliberate on the behalf of the director. The movie sucks you in just as the character of Viggo is sucked in - circumstance by circumstance. Watch out for the scene in the prison between Viggo and his wife; great acting by both - the look on his wife's face as she learns the truth is marvelous - if that look does not make you feel her pain you should probably visit a psychiatrist.

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