Noir Crime Movie Review: Nicotina


This is a neat little crime movie. Good noir elements. If you're into smart, snappy movies where the plot is relatively simple but well executed. Noir (without getting into spoilers) with funny, dark humor.

I believe there's a dubbed version but I watched it in the original and read the sub-titles - my favorite way of watching any foreign language (to me) movie; a habit learned on b-grade kung fu movies in Hong Kong in the early eighties.

Good acting throughout; I especially liked the women in the movie; from the cello player to the barber's wife, and my favorite, the pharmacist's wife. Her last line and last words of the movie is classic. The violence is believable and appropriate to the unfolding of the plot.


Nicotina at IMDB

It's currently rated at 6.6; I rate it higher than that by one; it's not an eight - the Godfather's an eight (point nine) - so seven-point-six is pretty good.

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