Simon Royle

The Bangkok Series

Gritty noir about a Bangkok mafia family running a crocodile farm on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Bangkok Burn

12 May 2010

A war is taking place on the streets of Bangkok as political cliques fire bullets and rockets at each other. Mysterious ‘Men in Black’ snipe combatants from both sides. It is a good time to settle old scores. Take a walk on the darkside with Chance. An enigma: family-orientated, loyal and loving… and a cold-blooded killer….

This chilling, high-octane thriller takes you to parts of Bangkok no tourist should ever go, a world where life is cheap and morality non-existent.

Bangkok Wet

27 October 2011

As Bangkok barricades itself against a rising flood of toxic waste, Chance has got some wet work of his own going on. He’d rather be on honeymoon with Pim; that had been the plan.

But the plan didn’t include the untimely death of a Godfather’s son, being blamed for the theft of a billion baht, and a move by a rival gang on Big Tiger’s territory; now there’s a new plan – war and retribution.

Funny thing about guns and plans – everyone’s got one.

Bangkok Heat – Coming Soon.

14 March 2014

Bangkok’s shutdown. The country’s on the edge of civil war. Daily shootings and bombings go ignored as a partisan police force takes political sides. Blending in with the political violence, an invisible hand is killing off the District Heads, and pinning the murders on Chance.

The evidence against him is solid and the chief of police wants Chance behind bars, forever.
With Chance on the run, the family businesses are under threat as under constant surveillance from the cops, nothing moves. Where shark’s smell blood, gangsters smell weakness; wherein opportunity.
Chai’s advice, “Kill them all.”