Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year 2013

It’s 6:45 pm in Bangkok on the last day of the year.

I’m writing.

I’m writing this because I thought I’d take a little break from writing ‘Bangkok Wet’, and share with you a few of the cool things that happened to me in 2012. Of course there were a million, countless, other cool, good, groovy, great, happy, warming, and generally all round amazing moments in my happy life; these are the ones that I can remember and want to share with you. Also, because many of you have asked, I’ll give you an update on where I am with my writing schedule.

Happy Moments in 2012/2555 Year of the Dragon

Everyone in my immediate family had good health and are all in good shape. That’s the best thing that happened and about the only thing on my wish list for next year. Everything else is icing on the cake.

I published, Bangkok Burn, this year on the 11th January 2012. It’s still early days, but the reviews have been mostly favorable. I thank each and every one of you who wrote a review. There has been a large, and fairly predictable fuss over fake reviews on Amazon. You and I know that each and every one on Bangkok Burn is legitimate. A HUGE THANK YOU shout out from me to every one that left a review.

40 reviews Bangkok Burn

Tag, meanwhile continued to sell and was #1 in technothrillers (free many times and paid twice). Ranking doesn’t mean a thing other than visibility  for the book; which of course is everything :). More important than ranking is simply finding readers who like what you write.

A really cool thing started happening this year – people who like my stories started sending me email. Just yesterday I had a great email:

“At my husband’s suggestion, I read the Bangkok Burn and  then I read the book Tag. I immediately loved and thoroughly enjoyed the story line.  I made the mistake of reading the teaser chapter though and got totally hooked!  I tried to find the publication date online but couldn’t find any information.”

– it’s a real motivator to get an email like that, and I’m not ashamed to say that they always make me feel good. To everyone who sent me email giving me encouragement – thanks, they were all a “lift” throughout the year.

Both books are on a lot of Kindles – whether those be apps or devices – I know from the reviews, mail I’ve been getting, and the “Likes” on the Facebook page that a lot of the books (and still only a fraction of what has been downloaded free through the Kindle Select program) have been read. I’m grateful for that program and have to thank Jeff Bezos and his team for coming up with it. No other way I could have gotten in front of so many potential readers without it.

To everyone who bought one of my books this year – you are the most intelligent, wonderful human beings on Earth and you have impeccable taste. I promise I will give you at least one opportunity, and hopefully two, to exercise that wonderful taste again next year – more on that later….

There were many other beautiful, happy, and great moments in 2012. I’m perpetually lucky that my wife, Pim, and our two children, Nicholas and Naomi – the reasons behind it all – are by my side.

The Writing Schedule for 2013

I was doing great right up until the horrible events of Sandy Hook, as a parent, I was and still am deeply saddened by the event. I didn’t start writing again until today, I couldn’t. I did however get a whole bunch of writing in before it happened and that has been edited. Having picked up again today I’m confident that we’ll be releasing Bangkok Wet no later than the end of February – I haven’t yet consulted with a monk as to an auspicious date and time; as soon as I have I’ll let you know.

As soon as Bangkok Wet is published I will return to the world of the future; ninety-eight years from now. The goal will be to get Book Two of the Zumar Chronicles done within the year – shooting for 5th December 2013 as the publication date.

After that who knows?

Best Wishes for the New Year


31 December 2012

A little tune for your New Year’s Party…


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