Getting Aboard the Bandwagon with Amazon Kindle Select

You have to read this blog post while listening to this.

I unpublished Tag from Smashwords and all other retailers, except Amazon, about two hours ago. I did this because I wanted to join the Amazon KDP Select Program. I thought about this a LOT before I did it. I weighed in on a few blogs and listened to the responses.

The pros outweighed the cons.

The cons:

  • Monopoly of ebook content by Amazon (for 90 days).
  • Losing all the reviews (6 of them) on Smashwords (didn’t have any anywhere else).
  • Maybe they’ll be evil.

The pros:

  • Movement. Forward. Onward.
  • Supporting the guy who’s sold more of my books than anyone else by a ratio beyond 100-1.
  • Maybe they’ll be cool.
Suppose this of mine move causes Kobo, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Smashwords to collapse. Suppose I am personally responsible for killing off the nascent ebook industry outside of Amazon. How long before someone says, “hey I can do something better, cooler, faster…”, and innovates their way to profit?
Languishing in obscurity in sites selling ebooks is not what I’m about. Letting people know about what I’ve written and what I’m writing – that’s what I’m about. Right now Amazon is giving me the tools to do that.