Fifty Thousand Downloads and thanks

It’s a milestone of sorts, I guess. With this latest free run, the results of which are posted above, I crossed over the 50K mark for books given away. I know that a lot of other authors have had more, and some less. Not something I’m braggin’ about. It just is – it just is amazing to think that over fifty thousand people have downloaded Bangkok Burn, and Tag onto whatever their favored reading device (Devstick) is – 50,000 – wow :).

I know from the emails that you’ve sent, and the reviews you’ve written that (at least some of) you have enjoyed either Tag, or Bangkok Burn – and I have to tell you – that is MASSIVE to me. So to everyone who has sent an email; ‘Liked’ on FB, or written a review – or hey, even just downloaded the book and read it – a BIG thank you from me.