Decisions, decisions, The Path Taken

I’ve been sitting on my balcony, drinking a cognac, smoking a cigarette, thinking about starting another journey.

I’ve undertaken many journeys in my life to date. Some short, lasting only a few hours or a day. Others, much longer, longer perhaps than I know now. Writing a novel is a journey and before you begin any journey, common sense dictates you need to know the beginning, the starting point. Starting without such knowledge, we may find we haven’t yet begun on the real journey, because a journey is defined as having an end. Only then call we call it a journey. If we have not yet reached the end nor know what that end is, then we are simply on a path.

No, a journey is something we can look back upon when complete. It began and ended.

All we need to begin is a start, a beginning, one that has an ending, to begin our journey. Once known we can pack according to the trip. Carefully stow what we will need in the days, weeks and months ahead.

This journey, the one I am thinking about, starts with A Death in the Morning, but in truth this is a false beginning… the real beginning, began sometime ago, set a hundred years in the future, with, A Request…


Chapter 1 The Request

UNPOL Headquarters, Jurong Island, New Singapore

Thursday 5 December 2109, 11:24am

“At which point all trace of Mr Jibril Muraz disappeared from our systems and he hasn’t said a word after that.” The woman who had just presented raised her eyebrows as if to invite a question from me. We were sitting in a small conference room on the new Biosense office seats that procurement had seen fit to torture us with.
“And he was drugged?” Well it might be stating the obvious but she was clearly expecting me to say something, and I still had last night’s leaving party for Milo banging around in my head. The last thing I needed was a runner.
She looked at me like I was some kind of novice. “Yes, of course he was drugged. Under the situation this was natural and after clearing his medical we proceeded with the Truth Treatment.”
“I see, and how did he respond to that treatment?”
At this Agent Sharon Cochran looked just a little perturbed and a slight edge of doubt crept into her voice, “He, um, appeared to resist the Truth Treatment, although that is hard to prove.”
I sensed she was dodging around something here that she didn’t want to talk about.
“Well, in what way was it hard to prove that he was resisting?”
She looked me in the eye. “Under the Truth Treatment he stated that he was an alien being from another dimension.”
The above was written 23 August 2009 and published 5 December 2010.
And now… ZOO, the sequel to TAG, and the prequel to, K:OS is the path we’re on….