Day 6 of 180: Is Blogger based in Western Samoa?

You’re right. I don’t have anything to write about today. So I’m writing about nothing. Yep. That’s the topic – nothing; and as a bonus topic… is blogger secretly based in Western Samoa? More on that later, if I remember. Back to writing about nothing.

The first thing to remember, writing about nothing, is that once you have written about nothing, then you have something. That’s a non-trivial fact. Something for nothing. So that’s one immediate benefit. Nothing has benefits? Yes.

Next, consider this. If everyone always writes about something, no one is writing about nothing. That makes nothing special. When someone writes about something, nothing is left over. We take what we can.

Nobody wants nothing. Everyone wants something. Something is not always a good thing and sometimes, nothing is a heck of a lot better outcome than something. “I was waiting to be crushed by the falling building and nothing happened.” Not bad, eh.

“The car veered off the road, out of control, no one at the wheel and I was directly in its path.”
“Christ, what happened.”

So. Conclusion.

Don’t take nothing for granted.

I’ve noticed that the times my blog is posted as being the time and date when it was published is wildly different to when I actually write them – I’m cool with that, we’re not exactly running a nuclear power station here, but it has made a bit of mess of the Day Blah of 180 thing. But hey, we can live with that right – we know it’s not literal 🙂