Day 3 of 180: #amwriting

Between Day Job stuff, redirecting websites, floods and family, it’s been difficult to find the time to write. And I’m not one of those who’ll say (with a toss of the head), “I’d die without writing…” however I do get a lot of enjoyment out of writing. So when I find the time (usually in the ‘dog hours’ of the day) I get some words down. Last night about 2,500. I’ll probably cut a good chunk of those, maybe all of them, but it can be called progress.

I never printed ‘Tag’, not once. From a retail point of view it is something my publisher, I & I Press, keep promising, but so far it hasn’t happened. And from an author point of view, I never stuck a bunch of A4 in the printer and hit ‘Print’.

‘Zoo’ is different. In plot terms, more complex. I was getting a headache thinking about how many monitors I need to cross reference dates, times, event and so on. So I printed it out.

Needs more work, a lot more, but beginning to look like a manuscript. I think I’ll print more often. Bummer from a ‘green’ standpoint but, I am using recycled paper and it is a lot easier to edit.

Oh yes, and to anyone who can guess the exact amount of pages that is. I’ll send you a free (digital) personalized Limited Edition of ‘Tag”.