Day 1 of 180: Me Me Me

The real challenge for any indie author is to rise above obscurity. To become a name. Right? Well, maybe, it depends upon your take on things and in particular your goals. For instance, if you type simon royle, into Google, I’m reasonably sure you will find, on the front page, me. Or at least you’ll find the website I created (back in October 2010) to promote my work. I’m also sure that this page will be way back into the nether regions of searchworld, in a word, obscure. 

The thing is, although the SEO and pagerank on is great, what the site does is promote everyone else but me. And the thing was, the site had become quite popular (primarily for the reviewers listed and contributing there) with indieviews by authors, reviewers and so on. Oh sure I had a few links up to the book on amazon and a page for the book and reviews but I never felt comfortable to share my own fiction or opinion on “things” when so many others were contributing. 

So although I lifted my site from obscurity to “a name”, it wasn’t achieving what I wanted to achieve, which was to introduce more people to my writing and stories. To solve that problem I set up and registered and then redirecting ALL traffic from to Traffic went from 150 visitors a day to 0. Cool, problem solved. I am now obscure, again :). Step 1 of starting again completed.

The lesson: Before you start your website or blog or whatever, think carefully about where it fits in terms of your strategy as an author. Then think carefully about where it fits in terms of your strategy as a publisher. Those two strands of thought may not converge…

I am reliably informed, I know this because it was told me by Google, that my redirect needs to stay in place for 180 days before I get back. 179 to go.

This blog is the temporary home of Simon Royle, Indie Author. Here you will find my writing, opinions on things and my life. 

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