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  • Tag – Print version

    Tag – Print version

    The Publishing stuff is nearly done – a little more work on the website and one more distribution channel to set up but then I’m done. All of my books will be available in print and digital. I’d like to do audio but Amazon’s audio site isn’t open to non-US publisher’s and I couldn’t be…

  • A New Cover for Tag

    A New Cover for Tag

      In preparation for the paperback edition of Tag (only three years overdue) I thought we would give the cover a makeover.

  • The Final Time Free on Amazon (maybe :))

    The Final Time Free on Amazon (maybe :))

    As readers of Tag will know, the date 15 March 2110 has a fair significance in the plot; no secret (it’s on the front cover) that’s when 6.3 billion people are going to die, so I thought it fitting that on the 15 March 2013 we’ll release Tag for its final free run on Amazon.…