A Minor Rant

Abusing Book Categories for the sake of Visibility. Indie authors in general are a savvy bunch. They're using advanced Facebook ad techniques, reader magnets, AMS ads, they know analytics, pricing sensitivity, the importance of covers, tight editing and, yeah well, you get the picture; there's ...
Tag Print book cover

Tag – Print version

The Publishing stuff is nearly done – a little more work on the website and one more distribution channel to set up but then I’m done. All of my books will be available in print and digital. I’d like to do audio but Amazon’s audio …

Tag Cover

A New Cover for Tag

  In preparation for the paperback edition of Tag (only three years overdue) I thought we would give the cover a makeover.

Bangkok Wet print cover

Bangkok Wet Print Version

  Coming soon just waiting on an ISBN which will be issued on Monday and then CreateSpace’s registration process which takes about a week. What do you think?

The Final Time Free on Amazon (maybe :))

As readers of Tag will know, the date 15 March 2110 has a fair significance in the plot; no secret (it’s on the front cover) that’s when 6.3 billion people are going to die, so I thought it fitting that on the 15 March 2013 …

A New “Free” Policy

As a lot of you know I’ve given away nearly all of my books from time to time. I’ve been thinking, and talking with my publisher :), about how to reward my hardcore fans and we’ve come up with what I think is a groovy …

BB paperback Amazon listing

Bangkok Burn Paperback Edition

The paperback proof’ arrived and it looked great. It has already gone on sale, and I’m happy to say, has sold a few copies – more than I expected so soon – still a lot of “non ereaders” out there. Just in case you’re wondering, …