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  • The Final Time Free on Amazon (maybe :))

    The Final Time Free on Amazon (maybe :))

    As readers of Tag will know, the date 15 March 2110 has a fair significance in the plot; no secret (it’s on the front cover) that’s when 6.3 billion people are going to die, so I thought it fitting that on the 15 March 2013 we’ll release Tag for its final free run on Amazon.…

  • Bangkok Burn Paperback Edition

    Bangkok Burn Paperback Edition

    The paperback proof’ arrived and it looked great. It has already gone on sale, and I’m happy to say, has sold a few copies – more than I expected so soon – still a lot of “non ereaders” out there. Just in case you’re wondering, profit from the paperback equals the same profit from the…

  • Place your bets on the 50th review of Tag

    Place your bets on the 50th review of Tag

    Betting Rules 1. Gambling is illegal in Thailand; so we’re not gambling, we’re estimating (just in case anyone asks), notwithstanding the hereinafter mentioned clause 3 of herein rules. 2. If Amazon deletes more reviews, the above title stands, notwithstanding the heretofore mentioned clause 4 of herein rules. 3. Only reviews at Tag’s reviews on Amazon…