Bangkok Wet: Gritty, hard-boiled, noir, crime fiction about a Bangkok mafia family. (Bangkok Series Book 2)


27 October 2011
As Bangkok barricades itself against a rising flood of toxic waste, Chance has got some wet work of his own going on. He’d rather be on honeymoon with Pim; that had been the plan.

But the plan didn’t include the untimely death of a Godfather’s son, being blamed for the theft of a billion baht, and a move by a rival gang on Big Tiger’s territory; now there’s a new plan – war and retribution.

Funny thing about guns and plans – everyone’s got one.

Bangkok Wet is my best work yet – the floods around Bangkok and in Thailand were devastating. The loss of life was in the hundreds, I think the last official figure I saw was something like, 815 people dead as a direct result of the floods.

Part of the experience was surreal. I had been in a flooded Bangkok before, BMW’s floating down Sukhumvit Road, but never to the point where food supply was becoming a serious issue.

Those who follow Thai politics may recognize some of the “profiles” in the story, but everything is of course fiction, and any resemblance to anyone or anywhere, is a pure coincidence.