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Here you can learn a little more about the two worlds I’m currently writing in.

A little background about my writing and my books; there are various interviews around the net with me but I thought writing here would provide an anchor.

I started writing seriously in August 2009. By the end of that year, I’d hired a Developmental Editor, to teach me how to write (and get the story I was writing on track). I’d reached 75,000 words and realized what I had was good; but I needed help.

The following year I published my first novel, Tag – book one of a trilogy (at least) called, The Zumar Chronicles. Tag was, and is well received. Many of the ideas I put forward in the futuristic book are being worked on now (Hyperloop a case in point).

My intention was to then write the sequel to Tag – this is standard publishing stuff – the problem was I had a story that was too good to wait on – Bangkok Burn. Forgive the pun, but I was burning to write it.

The concept for the novel, and I envisioned a series from the beginning (something that would work well serialized) was simple: the story of a mafia crime family that owns a crocodile farm as a “disposal business”.

Bangkok Burn was a hit. I wasn’t sure if readers could get into the “strangeness of Thailand”, but it turns out that is one of the readers favorite aspect of the books.

Both of the first two books in the series were easy to write. I framed them around big local events; the riots in 2010 and the flooding in 2011. These provided a dramatic backdrop to what is already an exotic locale.

That about brings us up to date, however I also need to add a paragraph about the ending of Bangkok Wet. Spoiler Alert!!! If you haven’t read Bangkok Wet, hit the sign up button below, but don’t read anything else on this page.

In the end, Chance is shot up badly – to the point that Chai believes he is dying. But there is a clue that points to my intentions in the same last chapter – the clue is Aunt Dao’s dreams always come true.

I am currently working on Bangkok Heat the third novel in the Bangkok Series. I like it so far….

I am also starting to outline short stories that will feature some of the same characters from the Bangkok series. Sort of filler stories between major books – we’ll see how we go, but sign up and I’ll keep you posted.

And finally, I haven’t forgotten the futuristic world or characters I created in Tag – there will be a sequel – but no delivery date promised yet.