Being optimistic

By nature, perhaps it was learned, or perhaps it is hard-coded and shared out, I am an optimistic, glass half-full, person.

My business partner, great friend for many years, a truly lovely, very smart guy, said I was a strange combination of a human being – on the one hand, a very pragmatic businessman – on the other a dreamer, who loves writing (and sometimes hates it, especially when it doesn’t happen :)).

I’ve thought about this quite a lot. Why and where did this ‘duality’ come from. Does it matter; obviously, because I am writing about it. I think the answer (short one) is because I can be. That sounds trite, but it is meant sincerely. It’s a succinct way of saying that when you allow yourself to be whatever it is you want to be; then you can.

Within the restraints of our existence we are able to build the world we want. I remain optimistic with that as a world view. We have no rights, we are not entitled, a huge uncharted rock from space could change everything. Life is time, use it wisely, and if you still have it then I believe it is better to approach time with a sense of optimism rather than pessimism. Be real, especially about yourself. You are the one person you can truly afford to be totally honest with. And you should be brutally honest. Like a good editor – spare nothing – do it kindly, but thoroughly. Anything else detracts from the value.

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