Bangkok Heat Update 3


Update 3



Is good. Busy, and not really getting as much sleep as I should, which I know is not great, however there is a lot be done and I have deadlines I want to meet - barring and perhaps even permitting unforeseen circumstance.

For you, the reader waiting for the next book point of view, I've been able to organize a routine of sorts that provides time to work on the book every day. Either edits or writing - but both are going well. But more on that... in....

Writing and Editing

I've written enough to know that what I had written needed referencing. I think, haven't looked, because it's not important, I'm about 28k or thereabouts words in. The will increase probably as I enter the edits up to Chapter 10; Which I just completed.

Usually before I start writing, I read back over what I have just previously written, Usually the whole Chapter but sometimes just the last couple of pages or scenes before where I will start i.e. pick up the story.

The Story

Many elements of this story are true, as with my other books. They contain factual events but I may treat them with an artist's license. That is the PDRC camp in Lumphini Park was exactly how I experienced it when it was standing. The conversations that happen there, in the story, ... most of those are fiction.


I plan to publish on the 5th December 2019; that might give me enough time to finish writing and editing, get it to my editor, pray she has time, go a couple of rounds with her, get it formatted and then into the wild.

The Challenge

Usually the Bangkok Series books run to about eighty thousand words or so - which means knocking out roughly 55,000 well-chosen words to get home. 

The reality is that I can write ten thousand words in a day. That's just writing.

If I'm telling  story, that's a whole different story. Part of the story is thinking... part of the story is getting into a space where you're just the medium for the people in the movie running in your mind - and sometimes they talk faster and do stuff faster than you can write it down... and the above has to fit in with the reality of life. And in paying for it - one thing it takes the young a while to adjust to - you have to pay for your life.

We are optimistic.

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  1. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the update.

    Really looking forward to the books publication so I can continue the story that I loved reading in the previous books in the series.

    Happy writing and make sure you get some sleep, so the thoughts keep flowing


    1. Post

      hey, Mike,

      I’m looking forward to getting it done – and stoked that you ‘loved’ the previous books (I did too :)). Trying with sleep. I bought a ‘Fitbit’ – so I’d know how little I was getting – alarming… to say the least. And I researched sleep deprivation as a subject within a story I was writing. Neurotoxins are an issue, no doubt about it. Fortunately 🙂 there are so many things I have to get done that something has to give somewhere, and sleep is the easiest. I’ll make it up for it with a few weeks under a coconut tree… sometime… somewhere.

  2. Awfully glad you’re shootin for December. Was wonderin if I would ever read another of your great books…Even bought anothe book “Bankok wet” and found it wasnt you…trashed it…boring.

    1. Post

      Hi Jim, Another “Bangkok Wet” – Yikes I thought mine was the only one… oh well, no biggie, after Bangkok Heat, I’ll probably drop the Bangkok from the title… still be Bangkok Series… but I already have a title and front cover image, in mind for Book 4 :). More will be revealed once I’ve nailed Book 3… and, yes, I’m working hard on achieving 5 December for release.

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      Thanks, Tyler – that’s really nice of you… pushing hard… I can’t wait till it’s finished as well – really looking forward to it, in fact :).

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    I realize I have been writing novels from about 20th August 2009. Three and 1/3 to be sort of precise. A little over a decade. Three books average out at about 3 every three years. The plan was to have 10 written by now… so much for plans. And watch out George R.R. Martin – “Martin has been criticized by some of his readers for the long periods between books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, notably the six-year gap between the fourth volume….” oh oh fourth volume is next….