Bangkok Heat Update 2


Firstly, I've got to say thanks for hanging in there with me - Bangkok Heat has been a long time coming and it is not there yet, but it is progressing. Your support and the encouraging emails I get on a daily basis are what keeps me going (it for sure isn't the money :)).

When I look back, Bangkok Burn was the easiest book I've written. From the start the story flowed and as regular readers know, I don't outline or plot out my stories at all - I either "write" them in my head and then put what I've written down or sit down at the keyboard and start typing (and deleting) until something decent emerges.

Bangkok Wet didn't flow in the same way but the reality of the flood (first time in my life I looked at clouds with fear) and the public's mood at the time of the flood provided a lot of material for me to exercise my two writing methods. A couple of interesting facts: The violent military crackdown to end the red shirt encampment of downtown Bangkok resulted in a total of 87 deaths (79 civilians, 8 soldiers); the floods of 2011, caused entirely by negligence claimed 815 deaths. The cost in monetary terms of the 2010 protests 1.5 billion baht; the cost of the 2011 flooding 1.425 trillion baht. But like with all my books to date there comes a point where the story starts telling itself - all the characters yacking away sometimes so much that you have to write it down just to get them to shut up and the plot points just naturally unfolding.

That point has not yet happened with Heat.  

I started writing Bangkok Heat in late 2016; which means I spent most of 2016 on Chapter 1. That first chapter has to suck you in and thirst for more so write and rewrite until it's as close to perfect as the imperfect art allows.

Every line has to be constructed and every twist, turn, and pivot built from the ground up - and that takes time because an amazing amount is deleted (roughly 8 to 1 from what I can tell).

But when I go back and read what I have written so far the surprising thing (at least to me) is that this might just be the best Bangkok series book yet. I'll periodically keep you posted on progress and definitely let you know when it's done.

By the way, what do you think of the cover? Like it, hate it, let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Great thanks for the update.

    Looking forward to the book when it finally is finished.

    Cheers and happy inspirations.


  2. I am waiting eagerly. Not sure about the cover, but then I don’t know the plot yet.

    Best regards Simon,

  3. Simon,
    I certainly enjoyed your first two books and I’m really looking forward to Bangkok Heat. Thank you for taking the time to update us.. now could you please get back to work writing it the anticipation is unbearable
    PS please don’t ask me to visit the croc farm for that comment.

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      Funnily enough, we’re at the croc farm right now… and the crocs look hungry; if you haven’t done so please take a moment to write a review. They really help.

      Warmest regards,

    1. Post

      Thanks, I like to write what I enjoy reading – seems we have similar tastes. Recently I read, “I am Pilgrim” and will write a review on it. Not quite as fast-paced as mine but close – and very enjoyable read. If you want to wait I will be writing a review of it.
      Meanwhile, please leave a review they really help, in terms of recognition.

  4. I love the cover Reminders me of Florida even though I did spend some time in Bangkok and Udorn many years ago. Cant wait for your new book. Missed your very first

    1. Post

      I think you might be mistaking the cover of the newsletter for the cover of the book :). Udorn… guessing maybe you were USAF?

  5. Thanks for the update.
    I think I will have to read Burn and Wet again before I leave a review as I cannot remember them too well now but I am sure they will be just as good second time round. If I did not enjoy them I would not be here at all.
    Your cover does have some impact but does not say Bangkok or Thailand to me. As I use a kindle I never notice the cover, does the cover have a big influence on in store (or online) sales? At the risk of psycho analysing someone I have never met are you spending time worrying about and playing around with the cover to avoid the hard work of writing? I only ask because in my work life I can be a master of procrastination by over reviewing and changing artwork for a marketing mailer, when I should be doing the boring spreadsheet work of the pricing and items to be included in said mailer. And the irony is that I know in reality no one will ever notice anything on the mailer other than the prices, unless the artwork is completely shit!

    1. Post

      Hi Shaun,
      Thanks for taking the time to reread. With regards to cover I finished that sometime back and haven’t fiddled with it since – so no not using that for procrastination. Covers play a role in getting people to look at the book in the online stores – so it has to look good both at full-size and thumbnail; so yes important.
      My delays in writing are caused by things (putting food on the table being one of them) other than procrastination – I enjoy writing but don’t always get to choose what I write about. For instance this week I have to churn out about 10,000 words on cybersecurity. The book is coming along though and I’m enjoying it. I have started posting in in serial form on my Patreon website. That’s also a way of ensuring I stay on track and force myself to stick to the deadline because I am releasing a chapter per week.
      Warmest regards,