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Back To The Future – Writing

With Bangkok Wet in the editor’s hands, I dusted off, The Zumar Chronicles, folder and took stock of where I was. I had stopped this project back in April or May 2011, because I’d hit a brick wall. Shit happens, and hitting a brick wall when you’re seventy-five thousand words in, definitely qualifies as shit. A lot of that writing was good, but at this point it’s in the “school fees” bin  – the story line didn’t pan out the way I wanted it to. C’est la vie.

One of the first things that struck me as I looked through the old folder was the amount of research I did. As I reviewed this information, ideas about where Book Two could go started flowing and a first task popped up – rewrite the United Nations Charter. Yeah, I know, I do pick ’em don’t I? So that’s what I’m on right now. When done I’ll post it here.


I & I Press, the publisher of my books, has pulled Bangkok Burn from KDP Select. It’s an experiment and never say never, but for now I am broadening the distribution to iTunes, and Barns and Noble via Draft2Digital. Unless you’re an author there’s little point going to that link – if you’re an author who’s looking for a clean, simple, efficient way to get your books up on B&N, Kobo, and iTunes then I suggest you take a look. It’s still in beta but so far it has been everything the sites owners have promised.

The baseline for the experiment is simple. For the next three months can those channels sell more books than I get “borrows” through Amazon Select – if the answer is yes, they’ll stay out….

Bangkok Wet, however will be enrolled in Select, so that I can do freebie’s for a couple of cycles (six months) and get it out there.

So far, since starting publishing on 5 December 2010, Amazon has been streaks ahead of any of the other vendors; so while hopeful, I remain skeptical.

Day Job, Thoughts, Life.

It was fitting that with my return to the world of the Zumar Chronicles, which is mostly set in New Singapore,  I returned to present-day Singapore last week. It was a quick trip, in on Tuesday out on Thursday. Client visits, a client dinner, a quick visit to the office, after a slow visit to the Thai Embassy, and then back on the plane.

Singapore always feels restrained and constrained and that sense mostly comes from the people. It’s like they have governors on emotion and are living in a pressure-cooker turned on ‘slow cook’. I much prefer Bangkok or Jakarta, messier, smellier, sure – but they’re vibrant, unrestrained, anything-goes, kinds of places – said feeling again coming from the people.

Judge a place by the people walking around on the sidewalks and in cafes – Singapore most people have a frown on their face; the “Big Mango”, and the “Big Durian” – most people have a smile on their face…

To close, let me leave you with a groovy little eargasm…

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