A Minor Rant


Abusing Book Categories for the sake of Visibility.

Indie authors in general are a savvy bunch. They're using advanced Facebook ad techniques, reader magnets, AMS ads, they know analytics, pricing sensitivity, the importance of covers, tight editing and, yeah well, you get the picture; there's a host of really savvy indie authors out there armed with the tools, knowledge and experience, and yes, skill to use all of the above, to their advantage. And sometimes they take that knowledge and abuse the system; to the detriment of the authors writing in that genre.

You might call it - gaming the system - I'd say, "Call a shit sandwich manna from heaven; it's still a shit sandwich.

There are tools which show an author which categories of books have a disparity between being in top 20 on the "free" or "paid" page. i.e. say a book ranked 50,000 in the overall store is ranked #1 in its category - then it follows that if you get a few copies sold or a few free books downloaded you can rank 49,999 and become #1 in the sub-category.

This is what the Organized Crime free top twenty look like:

Call me nuts, perhaps even old-fashioned, but when I go to the 'Organized Crime' genre sub-category, I expect to see the like of, The Godfather, I can even accept the novel version of the movie, Road To Perdition - what I really struggle with is bare-chested romance passed off as 'Noir' or 'Organized Crime'. 

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