Thinking back, I first became aware of American Presidents, somewhat ironically as we moved from New Jersey to England, specifically, Northern England, when I was eleven and a half years of age. Nixon was being thrown out of office and Gerald Ford was replacing him. “Can’t chew gum and walk a straight line at the same time” – is the quote I remember. Gerald probably never expected to become president, never seemed comfortable in the job, and one term later we got “good ole boy” Jimmy.

What I remember about Jimmy was his faltering over the disastrous helicopter crashes in Iran and losing the US Embassy in Iran to the Ayatollah – I reckon most people think of him that way (and now Jimmy has become a real elder statesman). Of course in the backlash of Jimmy’s crash in the desert the only thing to do was to bring in two-term Ronnie for a bit of dash and good ole cowboy republican style politics for a while. We got an amped up war on drugs, contras, and Star Wars; not bad Ronnie, with a score of 1 out of three you did better than all the previous Presidents I remember preceding you).

Then we got George Bush Senior, ex-head of the CIA, and big business payback for the favor for George’s daddy (not) taking the rap for handling the money out of Germany made during the second world war. George rode on Ronnie’s tail, but he was a one term man; invaded Panama and released Stormin’ Norman on Kuwait. That’s about all I can remember of Bush Senior.

Slick Willy came next (in more ways than one) and he was fun – right… I mean he was; we know you Americans get all prudish in public to the extent you invented political correctness and Bill was a welcome respite from all that nonsense; but his wife was a drag. Anyone naming a daughter, Chelsea, either got knocked up in Chelsea, or has issues. Bill was so much fun he got two terms.

But he was obviously too much fun because then we got “Skull and Bones” Bush Junior for two terms and that wasn’t fun at all – that was just downright dangerous; a guy that dumb as President – shit!

And then in an obvious swing against all that conservative, “let’s go to war and get the oil” crap; America did a sensible thing and elected Obama.

And here we are…

… looking down the barrel at a Drumpf Presidency; because if we can have a Ronald we can have a Donald, right? Except, at least Ronnie had run a State… what, really, has Drumpf ever run, except a media campaign about Drumpf.

When you have a choice between a “big-money woman”; a guy who’s in love with himself (with short fingers and a really bad haircut), and, a guy who thinks poor and middle class people are getting a bad deal, who also thinks wars are a bad idea; who is honorable and uses logic to debate – I can’t imagine why you would (even consider to) choose the former over the latter. (Note: Several columnists have stated that they can see Drumpf negotiating well with China or Russia’s Putin – really – would you rather have an egomaniac or someone using logic handling that conversation…

… or as my sister would say, “Seriously?”

The Perfect Bloody Mary

Just in case you thought I was dead or disappeared…

The Perfect Bloody Mary Recipe

Bloody Mary

45 ml Stolichnaya

1 Can V8 juice

10 ml of fresh lime juice

6 Splashes of Lea & Perrins (rockin’ it since 1835)

6 Splashes of Tabasco (rockin’ it since 1868)

1/2 of a teaspoon of crushed black pepper

1/4 of a teaspoon of crushed sea salt

Stick or two of fresh celery


Pour in half the V8 to a tall glass, add in the Stoli, then the lime juice. On top of that add everything else, then add the remaining V8. Then add a bit more pepper and a pinch of sea salt and stir with celery sticks.

I’m drinking one of these right now, writing a story….

Rumors of Chance’s Death are unfounded….

Inspired by (yet) another email blaming me for killing off Chance so early in the series; I thought I’d clarify matters for you all. I thought the clue was fairly blatant, but obviously not. For those that missed it, here’s the clue.

Do you want a smoke?” Chai said, holding out a packet of Marlboro red. I grinned.

“You’re a bad influence, but you know me better than anyone else. Thanks.” I took one out, Chai lit it, and I leaned against the Vito, watching planes take off. After nine hours ten minutes in the air and a punch from a cop on arrival I figured I was due a smoke.

My phone buzzed. An SMS from Aunt Dao – ‘Had a new dream about you, Pim and a baby? All okay, call me.’ I smiled, cool.

I dropped the butt on the road, ground it out, and got back in the van.

“Let’s go home.”

Prior to the above, which is in the final chapter; there is a Chapter and considerable reference to Aunt Dao’s dreams always coming true. There is another book in the making. It is going slowly, partly because I’ve been busy with life and partly because I am getting the movie rolling in my head. The movie in my head is only the beginning, once I’m happy with the threads it spins then I’ll start writing again.

Hope you’re all well.

Neslon Mandela – A True Hero of Our Time

neslon manadela hero

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.”

Nelson Mandela

When I was a young boy we lived in Cape Town. Often we would go to the beaches at Blouberg, and there while playing amid the rock pools and sand dunes, when we ran over a high dune we could see Robben Island. At that time Nelson Mandela was in his cell – and every time I see the picture above, I think of him looking out of his cell window towards the beach where we played. It hurts to have that thought, that image, but pain also teaches.

When I was a young boy, we were taught that apartheid was the right thing, our right as conquerors and settlers of the land.

When I was a young boy I drank from fountains that had signs saying, “Whites Only”; and believed, as I was taught, this was normal.

Now that I am no longer young and I have a young boy of my own; I teach him that race, skin color, sexuality, and religion are not the ways in which we judge people; we judge people by their actions, their deeds.

Nelson Mandela, your deeds, your actions, your wisdom, your words, will live forever.

Rest in Peace, enlightened one, you gave us hope for humanity.