A Time Of Grief



Color has fled Thailand; black, gray, and white, the clothe of grief for a beloved Father.

Color is joy, and we can find none; not at this time.

This is a time for grieving, for coming to terms with our loss, and for remembering.

The Land of Smiles is crying, swollen eyes, brimming with tears,

That’s what happens when you lose  someone you love.

In grieving we collect our personal and shared memories, our connections to His Majesty,

And He was connected to all who lived within, and many who lived without, Thailand.

We remember Him from televised events, broadcast live, and from before, daily when He was younger than we are now,

When He stepped in to save us – yes, save us.

We remember His speeches on the radio, and how He made us laugh or smile, and also feel responsible for our role, for the part we have to play,

And His sometimes stern admonishment of an official, delivered with His Authority, but done with kindness and always with the intention of what was best for us.

His guiding hand through our history, the only King in most of our lives,

We remember him as our Father.


Rumors of Chance’s Death are unfounded….

Inspired by (yet) another email blaming me for killing off Chance so early in the series; I thought I’d clarify matters for you all. I thought the clue was fairly blatant, but obviously not. For those that missed it, here’s the clue.

Do you want a smoke?” Chai said, holding out a packet of Marlboro red. I grinned.

“You’re a bad influence, but you know me better than anyone else. Thanks.” I took one out, Chai lit it, and I leaned against the Vito, watching planes take off. After nine hours ten minutes in the air and a punch from a cop on arrival I figured I was due a smoke.

My phone buzzed. An SMS from Aunt Dao – ‘Had a new dream about you, Pim and a baby? All okay, call me.’ I smiled, cool.

I dropped the butt on the road, ground it out, and got back in the van.

“Let’s go home.”

Prior to the above, which is in the final chapter; there is a Chapter and considerable reference to Aunt Dao’s dreams always coming true. There is another book in the making. It is going slowly, partly because I’ve been busy with life and partly because I am getting the movie rolling in my head. The movie in my head is only the beginning, once I’m happy with the threads it spins then I’ll start writing again.

Hope you’re all well.